Once animals are removed, there's a lot we can do to deter wildlife from breaking into your home again. We will let you know about necessary damage repairs and also give you recommendations to aid in the prevention of future animal entry.  Installing Ridge Guard helps prevent bats and mice from entering your attic, Gutter Lock helps to keeps squirrels out of your walls and HY-C ventilation guards keeps birds out of your vents. Call to find out more about what services we provide in preventative maintenance to your home.



Ridge-Guard® is a system for guarding against animal entry at the roof ridge.  With the advent of ridge-vents to protect shingles from over heating in the summer, and excess moisture build up in the attic in the winter due to heat loss, came the extra issues associated with a large vent opening across the entire ridge of the home.



Designed to handle any heavy rainfall, GutterLock Elite will fit your existing gutters, enhance the support of your gutters, and protect your home for years ... Guaranteed! 


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We'll fix the problem! We are dedicated to help you protect your loved ones by quickly and efficiently evicting nuisance wildlife from your home!  We will even assess the damage they did to get into your home and can repair and clean up the mess they left behind.  

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