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We are dedicated to help you protect your loved ones by quickly and efficiently evicting nuisance wildlife from your home! We will even assess the damage they did to get into your home and can repair and clean up the mess they left behind. We know that your family is your greatest investment and our reviews offer the peace of mind that any service we provide will be done effi ciently and with respect to your time and schedule. Call and we will gladly explain the services we offer and answer any questions you may have about the process.


Gutter and Soffit Repair 

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Rotten wood along the gutters or around dormers allows for easy entry of squirrels.  We can repair the rotten wood and trap and remove the resident squirrels.

Animal Entry Points

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Raccoons will commonly pry open an attic vent to gain entry into your home.  We will trap the animals and repair the vent to keep other animals from making their home in your attic.

Bat Guano in the Attic

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Allowing bats to live in your attic can cause a serious sanitation problem.  Guano will ruin your insulation and can seep through the drywall.  We can remove the soiled insulation and install new insulation.

Insulation Removal and Install

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Yes!  This can happen.  This is the result of raccoons falling through the ceiling.  Call Wild Things Wildlife as soon as you hear the first scratching so we can evict the animals quickly and efficiently.  

Raccoon Scat



Once animals are removed, there's a lot we can do to deter wildlife from breaking into your home again. We will let you know about necessary damage repairs and also give you recommendations to aid in the prevention of future animal entry. Installing Ridge Guard helps prevent bats and mice from entering your attic, GutterLock helps to keeps squirrels out of your walls and HY-C ventilation guards keeps birds out of your vents. Call to find out more about what services we provide in preventative maintenance to your home.


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We'll fix the problem! We are dedicated to help you protect your loved ones by quickly and efficiently evicting nuisance wildlife from your home!  We will even assess the damage they did to get into your home and can repair and clean up the mess they left behind.  

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